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T-Palette Records Kanshasai 2013

T-Palette Records Idol GroupsT-Palette Records Kanshasai 2013 (T-Palette Records感謝祭2013) will be held on December 15.

Vanilla Beans, Negicco, Shizukaze & Kizuna, Lyrical School, Up Up Girls (Kari), Rhymeberry, Caramel☆Ribbon, Na-Na, and One Little Kiss will participate in the live performance.

All these idol groups are under the label T-Palette Records.

The concert will take place at Laforet Museum Roppongi in Tokyo.


Up Up Girls Taiban Angya (Kari) ~Official Bootleg Box~

Up Up Girls Taiban Angya (Kari) ~Official Bootleg Box~Up Up Girls Taiban Angya (Kari) ~Official Bootleg Box~ (アップアップガールズ(仮)対バン行脚(仮)) will be released on DVD in late August.

The DVD box set includes the 5 concerts held by Up Up Girls featuring other idol groups between February and April.

The other idol groups which participated in the live performances are Negicco, Dorothy Little Happy, Hime Kyun Fruit Can, LinQ, and BiS.


Negicco – Melody Palette

Negicco - Melody PaletteNegicco‘s 1st album Melody Palette will be released on July 17.

The album contains 13 songs, including their latest singles Koi no Express Train (恋の Express Train), Anata to Pop with You! (あなたとPop With You!), Ai no Tower of Love (愛のタワー・オブ・ラヴ), and Idol Bakari Kikanaide (アイドルばかり聴かないで).

It also features a new song, Negative Girls! (ネガティヴ・ガールズ!), written by Connie and 2 remix.


Gotochi Kitty 15th Anniversary Special Live

Gotochi Kitty 15th Anniversary Special LiveJewel Kiss, Tochiotome25, Negicco, Shizukaze & Kizuna, Mary Angel, Manaminorisa, and Hime Kyun Fruit Can will perform at Gotochi Kitty 15th Anniversary Special Live (ご当地キティ15周年アニバーサリー・スペシャルライブ in サンリオピューロランド).

The concert will be held on August 18 at Sanrio Puroland Entertainment Hall in Tokyo.

2 live performances are scheduled, one at noon and another one in the afternoon.

The event is supported by @Jam.

Gotochi Kitty is a type of Hello Kitty products having for theme some local tourist attractions.


Japan Idol File

Japan Idol FileThe compilation album Japan Idol File featuring various local idol groups such as RYUTist, Dorothy Little Happy, Negicco, [email protected], Shizukaze & Kizuna, Izukoneko, Mary Angel, Hime Kyun Fruit Can, Kimitomo Candy, LinQ, Raise Chou Chou… will be released on April 28.

The album is produced by the label T-Palette Records.

It contains a total of 5 CDs and 64 songs from idol groups selected from the different Japanese prefectures.

Check out the full tracklist.


Aomori Rock Festival 2013

Aomori Rock FestivalDempagumi.inc, BiS, Up Up Girls, hy4_4yh, Negicco, and many other artists will perform at Aomori Rock Festival 2013 ~Natsu no Mamono~ (~夏の魔物~).

The live will be held on September 14 in Aomori.

Dempagumi.inc, BiS, and Up Up Girls already participated in the 2012 edition of the festival.


Tokyo Idol Festival 2013

Tokyo Idol Festival 2013Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 will be held on July 27-28 at Odaiba.

It will be the 4th edition of Tokyo Idol Festival since its creation in 2010. Last year, 111 idol groups and 21500 fans participated in the event.

Idoling!!!, AeLL, Sakura Gakuin, The Possible, Tokyo Girls’ Style, Negicco, and Vanilla Beans have already announced that they will perfom in the festival.

On May 14, the participation of 46 new groups and soloists was announced.

On May 29, 23 other idol groups and soloists have been added to the line-up.

On June 5, 15 new artists announced their participation.

On June 12, 8 other idol groups have been added.

HKT48 and RYUTist were the last guests announced on July 5.

Moreover, the timetable of TIF2013 has been revealed.


Shibufes Live Vol.3

Shibufes Live Vol.3Up Up Girls, Dempagumi.inc, and Negicco will perform at Shibufes Live Vol.3 (シブフェス Live).

The concert will be held on March 22 at Shibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo.

The event will take place during Shibuya Fashion Festival Vol.3 (シブヤ ファッションフェスティバル). It is supported by @Jam.