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Interview: Niigaki Risa

Niigaki Risa (新垣里沙)

Niigaki Risa was present at Japan Expo 2018 for the 20th anniversary of Hello! Project.

We had the opportunity to meet Gaki-san, and to talk about her career as a former member of Morning Musume and Hello! Project.

Check out our interview with Niigaki Risa.


Hello! Project Countdown Party 2013 ~Good Bye & Hello~

Hello! Project Countdown Party 2013 ~Good Bye and Hello~Hello! Project Countdown Party 2013 ~Good Bye & Hello!~ will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 14.

In addition to Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, °C-ute, S/mileage and Juice=Juice, there were also some guests such as Kikkawa You, Up Up Girls (Kari), The Possible, LoVendoЯ

Former Hello! Project members Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Matsuura Aya, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Mano Erina Fujimoto Miki, Abe Natsumi… participated in Hello! Project Countdown Party 2013 ~Good Bye & Hello!~.


Morning Musume Coupling Collection Vol.2

Morning Musume Coupling Collection Vol.2Morning Musume Coupling Collection Vol.2 (モーニング娘。カップリングコレクション2) will be released on March 12.

As its title suggests, this album includes the best coupling songs of the idol group released from their 41st single Kimagure Princess (気まぐれプリンセス) to the 54th one Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan (わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク / 愛の軍団).

Morning Musume Coupling Collection Vol.2 contains a total of 31 tracks on 2 CDs.


Niigaki Risa in Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)

Niigaki RisaFormer Morning Musume member Niigaki Risa will be starring in the stage play Zettai Kareshi (絶対彼氏 ; Absolute Boyfriend).

Niigaki Risa will play the role of Izawa Riiko, a girl who has bad luck with boys and who has ordered a cybernetic boyfriend.

Zettai Kareshi is based on the manga series of the same title by Watase Yuu.

The stage play will run from March 16 to 20 at Theater 1010, Tokyo.


Ogawa Makoto, Niigaki Risa & Mitsui Aika in Tokugawa15

Ogawa MakotoFormer Morning Musume members Ogawa Makoto, Niigaki Risa, and Mitsui Aika are going to perform in the stage play Tokugawa 15.

The stage play will run from March 20 to 24 at The Pocket, Nakano.

Ogawa Makoto will act in a lead role. Niigaki Risa will make a guest appearance on March 23, and Mitsui Aika on March 21.


Niigaki Risa in Kiben Hashire Melos

Kiben Hashire MelosNiigaki Risa (ex Morning Musume) will perform in the stage play Kiben Hashire Melos (詭弁・走れメロス).

The play will be held on December 27-28 in Yokohama, from January 4 to 17 in Tokyo, and on February 2 in Osaka.


Hello! Project – Petit Best 13

Hello! Project - Petit Best 13Hello! Project Petit Best 13 (プッチベスト13), also called Pucchi Best 13, will be released on CD and DVD on December 5.

This annual compilation features singles from Morning Musume, Berryz Kōbō, °C-ute, Mano Erina, S/mileage, Buono!, Cat’s Eye 7, Niigaki Risa, Tsugunaga Momoko, and more released during the year 2012.

It also contains a special version of the song The Matenrou Show performed by Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina, Michishige Sayumi, and Mitsui Aika.

The DVD includes 2 additional songs.


Niigaki Risa – Tumbling Vol.3

Tumbling Vol.3The DVD of the stage play Tumbling Vol.3 (タンブリング vol.3) starring Niigaki Risa (ex Morning Musume) will be released on January 9.

It includes a bonus DVD featuring making-of, interviews, press conference, digest of the event “Daikanshasai” and more.

It comes with a photobook containing comments from the actors and photos.


Niigaki Risa – Minori

Niigaki Risa - MinoriThe DVD of the stage play Minori (みのり) starring Niigaki Risa (ex Morning Musume) will be released on October 24.

The stage play was held between June 29 and July 10 at Ikebukuro Theater Green.