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NMB48 – Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto~

NMB48 - Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto~The new album of NMB48 will be released on August 2nd.

This is the third album of the idol group from Osaka ; It will be intitled Namba Ai -Ima, Omou Koto- (難波愛~今、思うこと~)

You will be able to find the 7 most recent singles of NMB48 as : RashikunaiDon’t look backDurian ShounenMust be nowAmagami HimeBoku wa Inai and Boku Igai no Dareka. Songs in front of B singles will appear in this album.

Check out the MV for NMB48’s new song Masaka Singapore.


AKB48 – Shoot Sign

AKB48 - Shoot SignAKB48 will release their 47th single Shoot Sign (シュートサイン) on March 15 .

The central member is Kojima Haruna. This is the last appearance of 1st generation member Kojiharu with the famous idol group, since Kojima Haruna graduated from AKB48 and held a last concert with AKB48 on last February 22. She also performs a solo song on this single.

The title song is used as the theme song of the drama Tofu Pro Wrestling in which plays Kojima and some AKB48 members .


AKB48 – Thumbnail

AKB48 - ThumbnailThe new album of AKB48 Thumbnail (サムネイル) will be released on January 25.

This is the 5th original album of the famous idol group from Tokyo.

It contains the latest singles released from AKB48: Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby, Kimi wa Melody, Tsubasa wa Iranai, Love Trip / Shiawase wo Wakanasai and High Tension.

It is the last album of the AKB48 featuring Kojima Haruna, member of the 1st generation of the group of idols. She will be graduating at the end of February.


NMB48 – Boku Igai no Dareka

NMB48 - Boku Igai no DarekaThe 16th single by NMB48 entitled Boku no Igai Dareka (僕以外の誰か) was released on December 28.

The short versions of the MVs were unveiled.


New AKB48 sister group : STU48

STU48A new idol group of the franchise AKB48 was formed: this is STU48.

The name of the STU48 refers to the town of Setouchi, located in Okayama Prefecture.

After the formation of the sister group NGT48 in 2015, the group of STU48 will be the 6th national sister group of AKB48, scheduled to debut in summer of 2017.


Yamamoto Sayaka – Rainbow

Yamamoto Sayaka - RainbowNMB48 leader Yamamoto Sayaka will make her solo debut with her album Rainbow.

It will be released on October 26.

The short version of the music video for Yuki Koi was unveiled.


AKB48 – Love Trip

AKB48 - Love TripAKB48 will unveil its 48th single Love Trip on August 31.

The videoclips in full and short versions were posted on YouTube.

The single’s center is Sashihara Rino.


NMB48 – Boku wa Inai

NMB48 - Boku wa InaiThe new single of NMB48 entitled Boku wa Inai (僕はいない) is on sale since August 3.

This the 15th single of the idol group.

The short and dance versions of the MV were unveiled.


Yamamoto Sayaka left AKB48

Yamamoto Sayaka (山本彩) - NMB48Yamamoto Sayaka announced her departure from AKB48 Team K.

This announcement was made by herself on May 26th at NM48 Theater in Osaka during a live performance.

Sayanee specified to continue her activities with her debut group NMB48 which she is a member of the 1st generation and the captain.


Graduation of Watanabe Miyuki from NMB48

Watanabe Miyuki (8渡辺美優紀) - NMB48Watanabe Miyuki announced her graduation from NMB48.

Milky told that she was making way for the new generation. She thinks that the younger members are ready now. She hasn’t given details about her future activities.

The date of Watanabe Miyuki’s graduation hasn’t been determined yet.