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4 new members join Lovely Doll

Ota Riona, Sakura Miki, Nakagawa Rira (Lovely Doll)Ota Riona, Sakura Miki and Nakagawa Rira joined Lovely Doll (愛乙女★Doll) as new members.

The name of the 4th new member of the idol group will be announced later.

Ota Riona is a former NMB48.

The girls will make their debut on April 4 during Lovely Doll live performance held at Tokyo Kinema Club.


Ota Riona graduates from NMB48

Ota Riona (NMB48)

Ota Riona (Team M) announced that she quits NMB48.

She has decided to leave the group to focus on her studies. After moving to Osaka, she reported having trouble to manage both her school work and her career of idol.

Ota Riona had joined NMB48 as a Kenkyuusei in September 2010. She was part of Team M since January 2012.