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Petit Milady – Petit Miretta

Petit Milady - Petit MirettaPetit Milady are back this year with a new album.

Their 4th album Petit Miretta will be released on September 20th.

It contains brand-new songs since Petit Milady haven’t released any singles this year.

Check out the MV for Boku no Tinker Bell below!


Petit Milady – Calendar Girl

Petit Milady will release their new album Calendar Girl on July 27.

This is the 3rd album of the idol group.

The MV of Himawari no Sakamichi was unveiled. In the video clip, Petit Milady members turned into sunflowers.


petit milady – Mille Mercis

petit milady - Mille MercisThe group petit milady will release its new album Mille Mercis on December 23.

The album cover deals with winter and year-end festivals theme.

This is the first best-of album of petit milady combining the first singles oàf the idol group since its debut etv eventually songs from its first two albums.

The MV for Kirari Kirari (キラリキラリ) has been revealed.


Petit Milady – Hakone Hakoiri Musume

Petit MiladyPetit Milady‘s 5th single Hakone Hakoiri Musume (ハコネハコイリムスメ) will be on sale on October 21.

This is the opening theme song for the anime Onsen Yosei Hakone-chan (温泉幼精ハコネちゃん) which will start airing in October in Japan.

The audio short version has been unveiled.


Petit Milady – Hi no Ito Rinne no Gemini

Petit Milady - Hi no Ito Rinne no GeminiPetit Milady‘s 4th single Hi no Ito Rinne no Gemini (緋ノ糸輪廻ノGemini) will be on sale on January 7.

It is the opening theme song for the anime World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman (聖剣使いの禁呪詠唱 ; Seiken Tsukai no World Break).

Petit Milady members Yuki Aoi and Taketatsu Ayana voice act the heroines in the anime.


Petit Milady 1st Concert 2014

Petit Milady 1st Concert 2014Petit Milady 1st Concert 2014 ~Cute de Pop na Twinkle Senshi Petit Milady~ (キュートでポップなトゥインクル戦士☆プチミレディ) will be released on Blu-ray on August 13.

The live was held on May 11 at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

It celebrated the 1st anniversary of Petit Milady.


Petit Milady – Koi wa Milk Tea

Petit Milady - Koi wa Milk TeaPetit Milady‘s new single Koi wa Milk Tea (恋はみるくてぃ) will be on sale on August 13.

It is the 3rd single from Petit Milady.

This is the ending theme song for the anime Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? (六畳間の侵略者!? ; Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?.

Check out the MV and the TV spot.