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Predia – Kindan no Masquerade

Predia - Kindan no MasqueradePredia will release their new single Kindan no Masquerade (禁断のマスカレード) on January 25, 2017.

This is the 5th single of the group of idols.

The lead song Kindan no Masquerade combines traditional Japanese music with electronic music.

In the MV, Predia members, known for their image of sexy idols, dance with great energy and adds more sensuality by eating fruits.


Predia – Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete

The new album of Predia will be released on June 22.

it is entitled Byakuya no Viola ni IdakareteThis is the second mini album of the idol group.

The clip of BOROBORO ~Kono Ai wa Boroboro ni Naru Unmei na no ka~ was posted.


Predia Live DVD Shibuya AX Party 2013

Predia Live DVD Shibuya AX Party 2013Predia Live DVD Shibuya AX Party 2013 was released on October 7.

The concert was held on May 3, 2013 in Tokyo.

Predia performed 15 songs, including their singles Dia Love, Dream of Love, and Crazy Cat.


Predia – Hey Now!!

Predia - Hey Now!!Predia’s 5th single Hey Now!! will be released on August 27.

The CD includes 2 songs and their instrumental versions. Only one edition is available.

Hey Now!! is an electro pop song.

The coupling track Cherry Love is a love song.


Predia – Crazy Cat

Predia - Crazy CatPredia’s 4th single Crazy Cat will be released on April 17.

The single contains 2 tracks and their instrumental versions.

Crazy Cat is a electro dance music song, whereas the B-side track Silky Rain is a pop song.

Check out the music video.