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Watanabe Mayu – Rappa Renshuuchuu

Watanabe Mayu - Rappa RenshuuchuuWatanabe Mayu’s 4th solo single Rappa Renshuuchuu (ラッパ練習中) will be released on July 10.

5 editions are available. Each CD contains 3 songs and their instrumental versions. The coupling songs are different depending on the edition.

The limited editions include either a DVD featuring the music video, its making-of and some bonus footage, or an illustration book.

This single is the tie-up song for the event Rogoku Yuenchi kara Mayuyu woSukue!! in Tokyo Dome City Attractions (牢獄遊園地からまゆゆを救え!!! in 東京ドームシティ アトラクションズ) which will be held from July 27 to September 23.

A contest titled Anata no Illust ga Shinkyoku no Jacket ni Nari Mayuyu (あなたのイラストが新曲のジャケットになりまゆゆ) was organized through the illustration sharing site Pixiv to make a cover jacket for the CD.