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Super Girls Revolution 07

MKM-Zero, Chimo, S★uthern Cross, Mingo!×Mingo!MKM-Zero, Chimo, S★uthern Cross, Mingo!×Mingo!, and Sense will perform at SuperGirls Revolution 07 (Superがーるずれぼりゅーしょん.07).

The concert will be held on March 3 at Weather King Miyazaki.


LinQ Live Tour 2013

LinQLinQ Live Tour 2013 titled Kyushu Kyoutou Tour (九州共闘ツアー) will be held from February 9 to 16.

LinQ will perform with other idol groups such as Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, Sense, Southern Cross, QunQun, Ryuuseigun Shoujo, Lovit’s, Chimo, and MKM-Zero during this live tour.

The concerts will take place across the Kyushu region.