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Locodol Daisakusen Team Tsunagi Joshi – Idol Kaidou

Locodol Daisakusen Team Tsunagi Joshi - Idol KaidouLocodol Daisakusen Team Tsunagi Joshi will release their new single Idol Kaidou (アイドル街道) on June 19.

The CD contains 2 songs including a medley.

Locodol Daisakusen Team Tsunagi Joshi (ロコドル大作戦チームつなぎ女子) is the 3rd special unit from the online card game Locodol Daisakusen. It consists of members selected from local idol groups : Yasuda Rei (HR), Uratani Haruna (Snow Drop), Matsubara Moka (Jewel Kiss), Natsuiro Minami (MKM-Zero), Kunimoto Marina (HR), Mayu (Pramo), and Risa (Fruity).


Sapporo Girls Link Special 2013

Sapporo Girls Link Special 2013Sapporo Girls Link Special 2013 will be held on June 9.

Anna☆S, Camouflage, Jewel Kiss, Snow Drop, Seishun Gakuen, Team Crerekko, Fruity, Whip★Girls, [email protected], and many other local idol groups will participate in the live performance.

The event is presented by Cradle Records.


Sayashi Riho – Snowdrop

Sayashi Riho - SnowdropSayashi Riho’s solo DVD Snowdrop will be released in late March.

This is the 2nd solo DVD from Morning Musume 9th generation member Sayashi Riho in the e-Hello series.

The DVD can be pre-ordered at e-LineUP! from February 1 to 20.