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Splash! – Are You Ready?

Splash! - Are You Ready?Splash! released their album Are You Ready? on September 24.

It is the 1st album from Splash!.

The CD contains 11 songs including their previous singles Shake It! and Crazy4you.


Japan Idol File

Japan Idol FileThe compilation album Japan Idol File featuring various local idol groups such as RYUTist, Dorothy Little Happy, Negicco, [email protected], Shizukaze & Kizuna, Izukoneko, Mary Angel, Hime Kyun Fruit Can, Kimitomo Candy, LinQ, Raise Chou Chou… will be released on April 28.

The album is produced by the label T-Palette Records.

It contains a total of 5 CDs and 64 songs from idol groups selected from the different Japanese prefectures.

Check out the full tracklist.


Girls Nation 2012

Girls Nation 2012Fudanjuku, YGA, Babyraids, Kotone Mai, Techpri, Links, KNU, Pramo, Splash, SCK Girls, and many other idols will perform at Girls Nation 2012.

The live event will be held on November 17-18 in Sendai.


Idol Matsuri in Sendai ~Oo. Kinmokusei no Kaori ni Notte .oO Idol Dai Shuugou !!~

Idol Matsuri in Sendai ~Oo. Kinmokusei no Kaori ni Notte .oO Idol Dai Shuugou !!~ (緊急決定!! まだまだあついぞアイドル祭り in 仙台~Oo.きんもくせいの香りにのって.oOアイドル大集合!!~) will be held on September 23 at Live House Darwin.

Shizukaze & Kizuna, AeLL, Techpri, Smile Gakuen, and other idol groups will perform at the live.


Tokyo Idol Festival 2012

Tokyo Idol Festival 2012Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 will be held on the weekend of August 4-5 at Zepp DiverCity. A total of 108 idol groups will perform on the different stages of the festival.