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Shibuya Buttobi!! Girls Matsuri 2012

Doll☆Elements, Lovely★Doll (愛乙女★Doll)Doll☆Elements, Lovely★Doll (愛乙女★Doll), Starmarie, Candy Go! Go!, Alice Juban, Steamgirls, Oz, Houkago Princess, Asfi, Twinkle Beat Stars, and more will perform at Shibuya Buttobi!! Girls Matsuri 2012 (渋谷ぶっ飛び!!ガールズ祭り2012).

The live will be held on December 6 at Shibuya O-East.


Girl’s Bomb ~2012 Final~

YGA, Tokyo Cheer2 Party, Palet, Alice Juban, Steamgirls, Space Girls Planet, Doll☆Elements, choice?, asfi, Links, Takokusekigun, Predia, Idol College, Lovely★Doll (愛乙女★Doll), Candy Go! Go!, and more idols will perform at Girl’s Bomb ~2012 Final~ on December 1.

The live will take place at Shibuya O-West.


Idol Generation Vol.6

The Possible, e-Street Tokyo, AeLL, Lovely★Doll (愛乙女★Doll), Doll☆Elements, Palet, Sun-μ (β), Idol College, Alice Juban, Steamgirls, Choice?, Mary Angel, and more idol groups will participate in Idol Generation Vol.6 (アイドルジェネレーションvol.6).

The live will be held on November 17 at Club Seata in Tokyo.