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Suto Ririka leaves NMB48 and is going to study abroad

Suto Ririka (須藤凜々花) - NMB48Two months ago, day to day, Suto Ririka announced her graduation from NMB48.

The date of her graduation will be August 30.

Suto Ririka had announced, on last June 17, her engagement. Although little details about her marriage have been released at this time, it seems the reactions from fans have been rather mixed. Some mention how she stole the spotlight, while others are surprised that she would reveal this without announcing her graduation first.


Suto Ririka suspends activities with NMB48

Suto Ririka (NMB48)NMB48 announced that Suto Ririka temporarily suspended her activities from July 17 because of a retinal detachment.

It has been reported on the official blog that Suto Ririka had undergone surgery. She needs one month of rest in order to fully recover.