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TnyGinA – Heart Latte c/w Momoiro Monster

TnyGinA - HeartLatte c/w Momoiro MonsterTnyGinA’s new single Heart Latte c/w Momoiro Monster (HeartLatte c/w 桃色モンスター) will be released on November 23.

Only one edition is available. The CD includes 2 songs.

2 members of TnyGinA, Miho and Kotone, posted a video message to give their impression on this single.


Tokyo Girls Link Vol.3

Fruity, Candy Go! Go!, Whip★Girls, MeguriaiFruity, Whip★Girls, [email protected], Meguriai, TNYGina, Candy Go! Go!, Jelly Kiss, DokiDoki Dream☆Campus, Sacchan, Versus Kids, and Ishido Natsumi will perform at Tokyo Girls Link Vol.3.

The concert will be held on March 24 at The Doors, Tokyo.