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Up Up Girls (2) – Doshaburi no Terrace Seki / Fuyutotetote

Up Up Girls (2) - アップアップガールズ(2)Up Up Girls (2) unveiled their second single.

It is entitled Doshaburi no Terrace Seki / Fuyutotetote (どしゃぶりのテラス席 / フユトテトテ) and has a double A-side.

The single is released on January 1, 2018 under the label T-Palette Records.

In the MV, we can see the members of Up Up Girls (2) dancing in a room full of umbrellas.


Up Up Girls (2) – Sun! ×3 / Ni no Ashi Dancing

Up Up Girls (2) - Sun! ×3 / Ni no Ashi DancingThe new single of Up Up Girls (2) will be relesed on August 15.

It will be entitled Sun! ×3 / Ni no Ashi Dancing (Sun!×3/二の足 Dancing) and will released under the label T-Palette Records.

The title of the song Sun! ×3 is pronounced Sun! Sun! Sun!.


Up Up Girls Kakko Kari – Upper Disco / Forever Young

Up Up Girls Kakko Kari - Upper Disco / Forever YoungUp Up Girls Kakko Kari will release their 22nd single on next May 9.

It is entitled Upper Disco / Forever Young (アッパーディスコ/FOREVER YOUNG).

Their sister group Up Up Girls (2) makes its first appearance in this single. The idol was formed in last February.

Discover the MVs of Upper Disco and Forever Young shot with the 2 idol groups.