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Angerme – Umaku Ienai / Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinka Shitekita Ningen Ai no Tame Subete Taika Shitekita Ningen / Wasurete Ageru

Angerme - Umaku IenaiThe new single of ANGERME entitiled Umaku Ienai / Ai no Tame Kyou Made Shinkashite Kita Ningen, Ai no Tame Subete Taikashita Ningen / Wasurete Ageru (上手く言えない/愛のため今日まで進化してきた人間 愛のためすべて退化した人間/忘れてあげる) will be on sale on October 19.

It contains a triple A-side.

The MV has been unveiled.

A new member will make her appearance on this single Kasahara Momona (aged 12). she was promoted as a new member last July during the Hello! Project Summer Tour. This announcement was a surprise for the fans. Kasahara Momona is a 5th generation member of the idol group.