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You’ll Melt More! – Hamidashi Paradise

You'll Melt More! - Hamidashi ParadiseJapanese New Wave idol group, You’ll Melt More! (pronounced as “yurumerumo!”) released the music video for Hamidashi Paradise on digital media lute’s official YouTube channel. In addition to Japanese version, English version for overseas has been also released at a time. This new song is included in a group’s mini album We Are a Rock Festival which is limited to 3939 copies and currently on sale.


You’ll Melt More – Literature and Destroy

You'll Melt More - Literature and DestroyYou’ll Melt More (ゆるめるモ!) will release their new single Literature and Destroy (文学と破壊EP ; Bungaku to Hakai) on August 12.

You’ll Melt More worked in collaboration with several artists and musicians for this single.

The music video for Yume Nante (夢なんて) has been revealed.


You’ll Melt More! – Hamidasumo!

You'll Melt More! - Hamidasumo!The new single of You’ll Melt More! (Yurumerumo!) entitled Hamidasumo! will be on sale on March 25.

Hamidasumo! is the 2nd single of the idol group after the 1st one Hello World EP having marked its debut in 2013. It will be sold exceptionally under the label SPACE SHOWER MUSIC.

The tracklists were unveiled.