Tasaki Asahi – Tegami / Rolling Days


Tasaki Asahi - Tegami / Rolling DaysTasaki Asahi’s debut single Tegami / Rolling Days (手紙 / Rolling Days) will be released on January 16.

Tasaki Asahi is a member of Satoyama Movement and produced by Up-Front. She passed the 2nd Forest Award New Face Audition (回フォレストアワード New Face オーディション) in March 2012.

She performed her songs at Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Live 2013 Winter ~Viva!~ ~Bravo!~.


  1. Tegami (手紙)
  2. Rolling Days
  3. Tegami (手紙) (Instrumental)
  4. Rolling Days (Instrumental)

Tazaki Asahi – Tegami (MV)

Tazaki Asahi – Rolling Days (MV)