Team Syachihoko – Otome Juken Sensou

Team Syachihoko - Otome Juken SensouTeam Syachihoko’s new single Otome Juken Sensou (乙女受験戦争) will be released on December 24. The CD will be on sale in limited edition at their live at unBORDE X’mas Party.

The single is available on iTunes Store since December 19.

It includes 2 songs plus instrumental versions.


  1. Otome Juken Sensou (乙女受験戦争)
  2. Mo Chotto Hare!!! (もーちょっと走れ!!!)
  3. Otome Juken Sensou (乙女受験戦争) (Instrumental)
  4. Mo Chotto Hare!!! (もーちょっと走れ!!!) (Instrumental)

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