Tochiotome25 – Gyo-za Party

Tochiotome25 - Gyo-za PartyTochiotome25’s new single Gyo-Za Party will be released on August 28.

It is the 3rd single from Tochiotome25.

3 editions are available. They are titled To (と), Chi (ち), Gi (ぎ). The coupling track is different for each one of them.

Type To

  1. Gyo-za Party
  2. Ai no Sagan (愛のサガン)
  3. Gyo-za Party (Instrumental)
  4. Ai no Sagan (愛のサガン) (Instrumental)

Type Chi

  1. Gyo-za Party
  2. Moya Moya Labyrinth (もやもやラビリンス)
  3. Gyo-za Party (Instrumental)
  4. Moya Moya Labyrinth (もやもやラビリンス) (Instrumental)

Type Gi

  1. Gyo-za Party
  2. Mira ni Tatte Ima wo Mite (未来に立って今を見て)
  3. Gyo-za Party (Instrumental)
  4. Mira ni Tatte Ima wo Mite (未来に立って今を見て) (Instrumental)

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