Tokyo Girls’ Style Live at Budokan 2012

Tokyo Girls' Style Live at Budokan 2012Tokyo Girls’ Style Live at Budokan 2012 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 10.

The DVD and the Blu-ray include the 22 songs performed during the concert.

Both editions come with making-of footage and the photo of one of the 5 members of the group randomly selected.

Tokyo Girls’ Style Live at Budokan 2012 was held on December 22.


  1. Limited addiction -unlimited addiction Mirrorball Royal Mix-
  2. Discord (ディスコード)
  3. LolitA☆Strawberry in Summer
  4. Bad Flower
  5. Sparkle
  6. Futarikiri (ふたりきり)
  7. W.M.A.D.
  8. Rock you!
  9. Tsuki to Sayonara (月とサヨウナラ)
  10. Limited Addiction
  11. Kodou no Himitsu (鼓動の秘密)
  12. Kirari☆ (キラリ☆)
  13. Kitto Wasurenai… (きっと 忘れない、、、)
  14. Yakusoku (約束)
  15. Himawari to Hoshikuzu (ヒマワリと星屑)
  16. Overnight Sensation 〜時代はあなたに委ねてる〜
  17. Liar
  18. Onnaji Kimochi (おんなじキモチ)
  19. Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru (頑張って いつだって 信じてる)
  20. Yuuyake Hanabi (ゆうやけハナビ)
    – Encore –
  21. Tsuioku (追憶)
  22. Attack Hyper Beat Pop

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