Tsuri Bit – Chu Shitai

Tsuri Bit - Chu ShitaiThe new single of Tsuri Bit will be released on June 1st.

It is entitled Chu Shitai (Chuしたい).

The tracklists and covers of single were unveiled.

Discover the video clip of Chu Shitai below.

The single will be released in limited edition (CD+DVD) and 2 regular ones Type A and B. The B-side track is different depending on the edition.

The limited edition DVD will contain the clip of the titile song.

Other limited editions will be available and will be novinative, that is to say, they each represent one member of Tsuri Bit ; each member performs in solo the title song Chu Shitai on their own version.


  • CD Edition A
  1. Chu Shitai (Chuしたい)
  2. Nagisa de Latte Art (渚でラテアート)
  3. Chu Shitai (Instrumental)
  4. Nagisa de Latte Art (Instrumental)
  • CD Edition B
  1. Chu Shitai (Chuしたい)
  2. Gyogyogyo Mucho (ギョギョギョムーチョ)
  3. Chu Shitai (Instrumental)
  4. Gyogyogyo Mucho (Instrumental)
  • CD Limited Edition
  1. Chu Shitai (Chuしたい)
  2. Kamome Pelican Story (カモメペリカンストーリー)
  3. Chu Shitai (Instrumental)
  4. Kamome Pelican Story (Instrumental)
  • DVD Limited Edition
  1. Chu Shitai (Music Video)

Music Video (PV)

Tsuri Bit - Chu Shitai

Tsuri Bit - Chu Shitai

Tsuri Bit - Chu Shitai

Tsuri Bit (つりビット)

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