Umeda Erika (ex °C-ute) – Erika


Umeda Erika - ErikaFormer °C-ute member Umeda Erika will release her 1st solo album Erika on February 12.

Umeda Erika makes her solo debut with this album.

The CD includes 7 songs. Only one edition is available.

A short version of the MV, the CM spots, and a video message from Umeda Erika have been released.

Moreover, she will hold her 2nd one-man live on February 9 at Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure in Tokyo.

Umeda Erika was an original member of °C-ute. She graduated from the idol group and Hello! Project in October 2009.


  1. White Anniversary
  2. Crush on You!
  3. Kimi wa Clione (キミはClione)
  4. All for U!
  5. My Sunshine
  6. Waitin’ For Your Love
  7. New Year Song