Interview : Under Face

Under FaceUnder Face is a sub-unit of the idol group Smile Gakuen (スマイル学園). It consists of 3 members : Nanako, Honoka and Ichigo.

Their 3rd single Wall Breaker was realeased on December 20.

Check out our interview with the members of Under Face.

Could you introduce yourself ?

Nanako : Hi. My name is Nanako. I was born in 2001.

Honoka : Hello. My name is Honoka. I like to play with insects and to collect pig goods.

Ichigo : Ichigo, the youngest and the smallest of all members.

Nanako : And we all like to sleep in free time. Haha.

Under Face

What is the concept of Under Face ?

Honoka : It is difficult question. Maybe cynical and critical ?

Ichigo : We do not sing any hypocritical song. Lie is not good ! We perform meaningful songs.

Honoka : I think Under Face is contrasting the happiness and the severity in the world.

Nanako : Under Face is the face which is not daily. The face on the back side.

Honoka : Truth is under the surface. Dirty things are under the surface. Anger is under a face… Such meaning is the basement of Under Face.

Ichigo : Anyway, Under Face is cool unit ! Not popular idol. Only one problem is that performing non-expressive face is so difficult.

Your 3rd Wall Breaker is on sale since December 20. What kind of song is it ?

Nanako : When it is listened to, it is a song which cheers up.

Honoka : The music can give a lot of courage about your own talent.

Ichigo : If this music is listened to when everything becomes unpleasant, then the things seem to go better.

Under Face is a sub-unit of Smile Gakuen. Could you say a few words about this idol group ?

Honoka : Smilke Gakuen (スマイル学園) is 14 member idol unit. The purpose is to make people in the world having a smiling face.

What are your goals for the future ?

Nanako : I want to become a singer or an actress.

Honoka : I would like to continue as an idol.

Ichigo : I make the person who lost energy believe the future.

Do you have a message for your fans ?

Nanako : Please support us !

Honoka : We are immature programmed machines, but please do not forget us !

Thanks to the members of Under Face and to their staff.

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