Up Up Girls The DVD ~Mini MV Shu Omake Tsuki~


Up Up Girls The DVD ~Mini MV Shuu Omake Tsuki~Up Up Girls (Kari) The DVD ~Mini MV Shu Omake Tsuki~ (アップアップガールズ(仮)The DVD ~ミニMV集 おまけつき~) will be released on August 28.

This music video collection contains different versions of the video clips of Up Up Typhoon (アップアップタイフーン) and Uppercut! (アッパーカット!).

It also includes the making-of for a total of 56 minutes of footage.

Furtermore, Up Up Girls’ new single Samurai Girls / Waidoru Seven (Samurai Girls / ワイドルセブン) will go on sale on September 4.


  1. Up Up Typhoon (アップアップタイフーン) (Music Video)
  2. Uppercut! (アッパーカット!) (Music Video)
  3. Up Up Typhoon (アップアップタイフーン) (↑↑ Ageteke Ver.)
  4. Uppercut! (アッパーカット!) (Dance Shot Ver.)
  5. Sakura Drive (Late Spring Ver.)
  6. Up Up Typhoon / Uppercut! (アップアップタイフーン/アッパーカット!) (Making-of)