Wakita Monari – I am ONLY

Wakita Monari - I am ONLYWakita Monari will release her new album I am ONLY on July 26.

This is her first solo album and now marks the debut of Wakita Monari, nicknamed Mona, after her departure from Especia.

You’ll find her first three singles : In The CityBoy Friend and I’m with you.

The MV for the new song Nakimushi Revolution was also posted.

Watch the videos below!

Only one edition will be available.

The CD will contain 12 songs in total.


  2. IRONY
  3. Nakimushi Revolution (泣き虫レボリュージョン)
  4. Dippin’ (ディッピン)
  5. Cloudless Night
  6. Inori no Kotoba (祈りの言葉)
  7. Boy Friend
  8. I’m with you
  9. EST! EST!! EST!!!
  10. Akai Skirt (赤いスカート)
  11. Ano ne… (あのね、、、)
  12. Yoake no View (夜明けのVIEW)

Music Video (PV)

Wakita Monari - I am ONLY

Wakita Monari (脇田もなり)