Why@Doll – Sunrise ~Kimi ga Kureta Kibou~


Why@Doll - Sunrise ~Kimi ga Kureta Kibou~Why@Doll’s new single Sunrise ~Kimi ga Kureta Kibou~ (サンライズ~君がくれた希望~) was released on January 21.

This is the 4th single from Why@Doll. 3 versions are available.

The MV has been released.

There is a version for each member including a bonus track by Uratani Haruna and Aoki Chiharu.

This CD is produced by Seishun Gakuen’s producer Shun.

Why@Doll are planning to make their major debut soon.


  • CD
    1. Sunrise ~Kimi ga Kureta Kibou~ (サンライズ~君がくれた希望~)
    2. First Love ☆ Killer Tune (初恋☆キラーチューン)
    3. Sunrise ~Kimi ga Kureta Kibou~ (サンライズ!~君がくれた希望~) (Instrumental)
    4. First Love ☆ Killer Tune (初恋☆キラーチューン) (Instrumental)

Music Video (PV)