[email protected] – Sweet Vinegar

WHY@DOLL - Sweet Vinegar

The new [email protected]‘s single will be released on next June 26th.

It is entitled Sweet Vinegar and is the 11th single of the Sapporo idol group.

The MV has been unveiled.

This single will be sold in one edition only.

The song Sweet Vinegar was written and composed by Atagi (Awesome City Club).

The song Don’t Ask Me Why was written by [email protected] members (Aoki Chiharu and Uratani Haruna) and composed by Yoshida Tetsuto.


  1. Sweet Vinegar
  2. Don’t Ask Me Why
  3. Sweet Vinegar (Instrumental)
  4. Don’t Ask Me Why (Instrumental)

Music Video (PV)



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  1. Billo

    Very cool video. Like the girls’ voices. Very pleasant.

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