Why@Doll – Yumemiru Tsubasa

Why@Doll - Yumemiru TsubasaWhy@Doll’s 2nd single Yumemiru Tsubasa (ユメミルツバサ) will be released on May 15.

It is the first single of Why@Doll with their new member Uratani Haruna who joined the idol group in April.

The CD includes 2 songs and their instrumental versions.

Only one edition is available.


  1. Yumemiru Tsubasa (ユメミルツバサ)
  2. Zutto Motto (ずっと もっと)
  3. Yumemiru Tsubasa (ユメミルツバサ) (Instrumental)
  4. Zutto Motto (ずっと もっと) (Instrumental)

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