Yajima Maimi – Blue Wind

Yajima Maimi‘s 4th solo DVD Blue Wind will be released on April 9.

The filming was done in Hawaii. This DVD shows various sides of the idol. It includes also swimsuit footage as usual for this type of item.

Some videos of Yajima Maimi’s trip in Hawaii have been posted.

Furthermore, Alo Hello! °C-ute 2014 Photobook (アロハロ! ℃-ute 2014 写真集) is on sale since January 25.

Alo Hello! 3 °C-ute (アロハロ!3 ℃-ute) will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 12.

°C-ute’s 24th single Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita / Love Take It All (心の叫びを歌にしてみた / Love Take It All) will go on sale on March 5.

Yajima Maimi - Blue Wind