You’ll Melt More – Unforgettable Final Odyssey

You'll Melt More - Unforgettable Final Odyssey (UFO)You’ll Melt More!‘s new album Unforgettable Final Odyssey (UFO) will be released on July 9.

This is the 1st full album from You’ll Melt More!, also known as Yurumerumo!.

The live video of Tabi no Shitaku (たびのしたく) and the MV for OO (Love) (ラブ) has been unveiled.

The CD contains 13 songs. Only one edition is available.

Yuizarasu is making her last appearance with You’ll Melt More! on the album Unforgettable Final Odyssey (UFO). Her graduation live will be held in August 9, 2014 at Liquidroom Ebisu, Tokyo. She joined the idol group in September 2013.


  1. Majiwaranai CAts
  2. Yurumeru Mon (ゆるめるモん)
  3.  (べぜ〜る)
  4. Nigero!! (逃げろ!!)
  5. Ikiro!! (生きろ!!)
  6. Ba Viewer (場viewer)
  7. Peke Peke (ぺけぺけ)
  8. Watashi no Hanashi, Kore de Oshimai (私の話、これでおしまい)
  9. Sukiyaki (スキヤキ)
  10. Do Fufu
  11. Natsu On Blue (.なつ おん ぶるー)
  12. OO (Love) (ラブ)
  13. Tabi no Shitaku (たびのしたく)

Video (Live & PV)

You'll Melt More - Unforgettable Final Odyssey (UFO)

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