You’ll Melt More! – We Are A Rock Festival

You'll Melt More! - We Are A Rock FestivalIdol group You’ll Melt More! released their new mini album WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL on July 13.

This is the first album of the group after the graduation of Mone and Chibo on July 10. These members didn’t participate in the album recording.

This is also the first disc of the group under a major label .

The MV for the song Summer Bokan was unveiled. It was directed by Kato Mani.

Only one edition is available.

The CD includes 7 songs.


  • CD
    1. Gizagiza Freedom (ギザギザフリーダム)
    2. Summer Bokan (サマーボカン)
    3. SUN SUN SUN
    4. Mendoi Shindoi PUNK Suru ka (めんどいしんどいPUNKするか)
    5. Hamidashi Paradise (はみだしパラダイス)
    6. Yuru Vista! (ゆるビスタ!)
    7. Night Hiking (ナイトハイキング)

Music Video (PV)

You'll Melt More! - We Are A Rock Festival

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