Jewel Kiss – Jewel the Best


Jewel KissLes Jewel Kiss vont sortir leur nouvel album Jewel the Best le 21 septembre..

Cet album best-of album contient 10 chansons, dont les derniers singles des Jewel Kiss Koi Suru Sniper (. 恋するスナイパー), Magic of Jewel, et Renge -Lovers Flower- (恋華 .Lovers Flower-).


  1. Koi Suru Sniper (. 恋するスナイパー)
  2. Miracle Hatsu Date (ミラクル☆初デート)
  3. Yoiu and I
  4. Magic of Jewel
  5. Spring With
  6. Renge -Lovers Flower- (恋華 .Lovers Flower-)
  7. Goodbye Mata Ashita (Goodbye また明日)
  8. Jikuu no Pagasus (時空のペガzサス)
  9. Night Crow
  10. Ready Steady Go!!

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  1. Trailblazer

    This album contains the songs from the first four Jewel Kiss indie singles. Track 8 is written as « PEGASUS OF TIME-SPACE » in English on the CD cover. (It’s not « Pagasus ».) I’m not sure where track 10 comes from. Maybe it’s previously unreleased. By the way, on your profile page for Jewel Kiss « personality » should have one n, not two.

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