Mary Angel Survival Live!! ~Ikinokori wo Kaketa Tatakai~

Mary Angel Survival Live!! ~Ikinokori wo Kaketa Tatakai~Mary Angel’s concert Survival Live!! ~Ikinokori wo Kaketa Tatakai~ (サバイバルライブ!!~生き残りを賭けた戦い~) will take place on September 2 at Osaka Ruido.

The setlist includes 20 songs. This is their first one-man live for 3 years.


AKB48 Team Shuffle


AKB48 announced a team shuffle.

Team 4 is discontinued. Teams A, K and B have been completely reorganized.

Some members leave the group : Ōta Aika was transferred to HKT48, Takajō Aki and Nakagawa Haruka to JKT48, Miyazawa Sae and Mariya Suzuki to SNH48.

Takahashi Minami is still the leader of AKB48. However the new captains are Shinoda Mariko (Team A), Ōshima Yūko (Team K) and Umeda Ayaka (Team B).


Niigaki Risa – Tumbling Vol.3

Tumbling Vol.3The DVD of the stage play Tumbling Vol.3 (タンブリング vol.3) starring Niigaki Risa (ex Morning Musume) will be released on January 9.

It includes a bonus DVD featuring making-of, interviews, press conference, digest of the event “Daikanshasai” and more.

It comes with a photobook containing comments from the actors and photos.


Shimura Rika (Super Girls) – Rikataso (Photobook)

Shimura Rika (Super☆Girls)

© Avex

Shimura Rika’s (Super☆Girls) 1st photobook Rikataso (りかたそ) will be released on September 21.

The book contains 112 pages. It comes with a bonus DVD featuring exclusive footages, an interview and more.

The photo shootings were made in Hawaii and Hokkaido.


Live Girlpop Vol. 1 ~Colorful~

GirlpopS/mileage, Tokyo Girls’ Style, 9nine, and Nogizaka46 will perform at Live Girlpop Vol. 1 ~Colorful~.

The live will be held on October 26 at Zepp Tokyo.

The event is organized by Girlpop music magazine.


SKE48 at Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya 2012

Tokyo Girls Collection in NagoyaSKE48 will take part in Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya 2012 on September 1.

Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya is one of the biggest fashion festivals in Japan. Besides fashion, the event also offers contents related to music, entertainment, beauty and more.


Ono Erena – Erenyan

Ono Erena

Ono Erena’s 2nd solo single Erenyan (えれにゃん) will be released on October 3.

The lyrics of the title song were written by Ono Erena (ex AKB48) herself.

The limited editions come with a DVD featuring a music video and/or a making-of depending on the version.

All editions include a trading card randomly selected from 5 kinds.