Necronomidol – Strange Aeons

Necronomidol - Strange AeonsNecronomidol unveiled their new single!

It’s entitled Strange Aeons and will go on sale January 17th.

This is the sixth single of the dark metal idol group Necronomidol.

For this single, the group collaborated with a group of musicians Kiba of Abika, who had previously worked with the popular idol group Babymetal.


SKE48 – Muishiki no Iro

SKE48 - Muishiki no IroThe new single of SKE48 will be released on January 10th.

It is entitled Muishiki no Iro (無意識の色) and is the 22nd single of the idol group SKE48.

The center position in this single is held by Obata Yuna.

Check out the MVs below.


Beboga! – BBG!

Beboga! - BBG!Beboga! (Niji no Conquistador Yellow Team) released their new album on December 19th.

It’s entitled BBG! and this is their first album.

As you may have noticed, Beboga! is a sister unit of the idol group Niji no Conquistador and is part of the yellow team (Kigumi) within the group.

Check out the MV for their new song Mengou !! ~Ibu wa Iroiro Aru no Desu~. This song is a Christmas song.


Osaka☆Syunkasyuto – Spark!

Osaka☆Syunkasyuto - Spark!The new single Spark! by Osaka☆Syunkasyuto was released on December 19th.

It is the 2nd single major of the idol group.

In the MV, wearing black and leather clothes, the members of Osaka☆Syunkasyuto perform a jpop song with a mix of strangely familiar sounds of alternative rock from the 1990s. As they cross the lights around them, they prepare to fly to an unknown future. in front of them.


Up Up Girls (2) – Doshaburi no Terrace Seki / Fuyutotetote

Up Up Girls (2) - アップアップガールズ(2)Up Up Girls (2) unveiled their second single.

It is entitled Doshaburi no Terrace Seki / Fuyutotetote (どしゃぶりのテラス席 / フユトテトテ) and has a double A-side.

The single is released on January 1, 2018 under the label T-Palette Records.

In the MV, we can see the members of Up Up Girls (2) dancing in a room full of umbrellas.


SAY-LA – 3000 nen ni Ichido no Happiness

SAY-LA - 3000 nen ni Ichido no HappinessSAY-LA will release their new single 3000 nen and Ichido no Happiness (3000 年 に 一度 の ハ ハ ネ ネ ス) on January 2nd.

It’s the 2nd single single of the “first group of old-school idols in 3000 years” and the first with the new member Yoshinaga Miina.

It is also the last disc by SAY-LA featuring Agarie Hikari who will graduate on January 7th.