i☆Ris – Changing point

i☆Ris - Changing point

i☆Ris will release their new single Changing point on May 9th.

The song is the opening theme for the TV anime Magical Girl Site (魔法少女サイト) whose story is based upon the manga of the same title by Sato Kentaro.

This is the 16th single by i☆Ris.

The MV has a dance choreography and a dark atmosphere related to the Magical Girl Site.


petit milady – A or A!?

petit milady - A or A!?

petit milady‘s 7th single A or A!? will be released on May 16th.

It is the opening theme song for the anime Alice or Alice (ありすorありす).

A special version of the MV, featuring a cute kiss scene between petit milady members Yuki Aoi and Taketatsu Ayana, has been unveiled.


DEAR KISS – Tameiki no Sekai wa Iranai

DEAR KISS - Tameiki no Sekai wa Iranai

DEAR KISS will release their new single Tameiki no Sekai wa Iranai (ため息の世界はいらない) on April 17th.

This is the first single from DEAR KISS for a year and a half.

The MV gives a glimpse of each member’s personality.



Cheeky Parade to break up

Cheeky Parade

Cheeky Parade announced that the idol group is going to disband on July 31.

7 members, including Yamamoto Marin and Suzuki Mariya left to study in Los Angeles, will participate in Cheeky Parade’s last live performance.

Each member commented the news on their official website. They said that they were sorry and sad that their activities are coming to an end soon. The girls thank the fans for their support. After their graduation, they want to walk towards their dreams.


HKT48 – Hayaokuri Calendar

HKT48 - Hayaokuri Calendar

The new single Hayaokuri Calendar (早送りカレンダー) of HKT48 will be released on May 2nd.

This is the 11th single of the idol group HKT48.

The selected members (senbatsu) are: Komada Hiroka, Sashihara Rino, Tashima Meru, Tanaka Miku, Toyonaga Aki, Matsuoka Natsumi, Yabuki Nako, Ueki Nao, Hirona Unjo, Tomiyoshi Asuka, Mai Fuchigami, Miyawaki Sakura, Motomura Aoi, Moriyasu Madoka, Aramaki Misaki and Matsuoka Hana.

The members occupying the central position are Tanaka Miku and Yabuki Nako.


Terashima Yufu – Kimi ga Chiru

Terashima Yufu - Kimi ga Chiru

Terashima Yufu will release her new album Kimi ga Chiru (きみが散る) on April 25th.

This is the second album of Terashima Yufu, former member of BiS.

In the MV for Kimi ga Chiru, Yuffy dances in a sunny forest.


Nao☆ – Nanohana

Nao☆ - Nanohana

Nao☆, leader of Negicco, will release her first solo single.

It’s entitled Nanohana (菜の花) and will be on sale on April 11th.

After the release of the solo singles of her fellow group members, Megu in June 2017 and Kaede in September 2017, it is the turn of Nao☆ to make her solo debut.


EMPiRE – The EMPiRE Strikes Start!!


The new album of EMPiRE will be released on April 11.

Il is entitled THE EMPiRE STRiKES START!! and marks the idol group’s debut.

As you’ve probably understood, the title of the album refers to the original title of the Star Wars movie (The Empire Strikes Back) and the beginning of the group’s activities (Start).

The MVs for Akarui Mirai and Mad Love were unveiled.


Wada Ayaka will graduate from Angerme and Hello! Project

Wada Ayaka (和田彩花) - ANGERME (アンジュルム)

Wada Ayaka announced her future graduation of Angerme and Hello! Project.

The announcement was made on April 5, by Wada Ayaka herself, through a long message on her blog.

According to her, she discussed with her few friends of the staff of Angerme about her decision to graduate. They decided that 2019 would be the year to graduate as it marks her 10th anniversary of Angerme activities (previously S/mileage). As the last member of the 1st generation of the idol group to be still part, she will pass the torch to younger generations.