Vanilla Beans – going my way

Vanilla Beans - going my way

The new single going my way of Vanilla Beans will be released on September 18th.

This is the 14th single by Vanilla Beans. But it is also the last of the shibuya-kei idol group that will disband in October.

It will be releasing under the label T-Palette Records, the former Vanibe label before moving to Avex Trax in 2015.

Note that the cover art pays a tribute to that of their 2nd single Nicola released ten years ago. The cover art of Nicola represents the girls coming down from the plane while the cover art of going my way represents them getting on the plane, a metaphor with the break-up of the group and their departure for new projects.

Only one edition of the single will be available.

The CD will contain the title track, a song opposite B Last Song and as well as their instrumental versions.

The song going my way was written by Sekiya Kentaro and the song Last Song was written by Tagata Mikiko.

Inoue Chiku composed both songs.

An adventure that ends for Vanilla Beans that will be missed by many fans.


  1. going my way
  2. Last Song (ラストソング)
  3. going my way (instrumental)
  4. Last Song (instrumental)

Vanilla Beans (バニラビーンズ)