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Vanilla Beans – going my way

Vanilla Beans - going my way

The new single going my way of Vanilla Beans will be released on September 18th.

This is the 14th single by Vanilla Beans. But it is also the last of the shibuya-kei idol group that will disband in October.

It will be releasing under the label T-Palette Records, the former Vanibe label before moving to Avex Trax in 2015.


Vanilla Beans will disband in October

Vanilla Beans (バニラビーンズ)

A sad news for the fans.

Vanilla Beans announced their disbandment in a few months.

No formal reason was given, but after celebrating the idol group’s 11th anniversary this year, it seems that the girls want to move on and continue their activities in other domains. There were several discussions between the girls and their staff about the future of Vanilla Beans.


Vanilla Beans – Nicola (Day in History)

Vanilla Beans - Nicola

Ten years ago, to the day, was released the second single Nicola by Vanilla Beans.

It was released in a single edition on May 21, 2008 under the label Flower Label (under Tokuma Japan Communications label).

The title track was used in May 2008 as the theme song for the TV show Utasta!! broadcast on NTV. All lyrics are written by Chang Jung, and all music is composed by Yasuhiro Abe.

This was the first appearance of Lisa (or Risa) who replaced Rika (Maia Kobayashi) in March 2008.


Vanilla Beans – Vani Best II

Vanilla Beans - Vani Best IIVanilla Beans released their new album on December 6th.

It is entitled Vani Best II ; this is the 2nd best-of album of the idol group.

The CD contains a total of 18 songs. You can find the songs of the first 13 singles of Vanilla Beans since their debut in 2007.

This compilation also contains: a new song Tokei Shikake no Wonder Land ; a remixed version of their cover Tokyo wa Yoru no Shichiji of the Pizzicato Five, their original cover appearing in the album VaniBest (2010).


ShinoVani – Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko / Kokoro no Sagi

ShinoVani - Shinohara Tomoe × Vanilla BeansShinoVani will release their new single Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko / Kokoro no Sagi (おんなのこ☆おとこのこ/ココロノウサギ) on September 28.

ShinoVani is a special group formed of the singer Shinohara Tomoe and the idol group Vanilla Beans. They host together their TV program Shino × Vani since April 2015.

The single release was announced by themselves on an episode of their TV program on July 27.


Vanilla Beans V

Vanilla Beans VVanilla Beans will release its new album Vanilla Beans V on February 3.

This is the 5th album of the shibuya-kei idol group. It is also the 1st one of the group to be released under a major label.

The covers were unveiled.


Vanilla Beans – Onna wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai / Be-nius / lonesome X

Vanilla Beans (バニラビーンズ)Vanilla Beans‘ new single Onna wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai / Be-nius / lonesome X (女はそれを我慢しない / ビーニアス / lonesome X) will be released on November 18.

Their new profile picture has been unveiled. Rena and Risa are wearing sexy costumes that emphasize big breasts.

The MV for Onna wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai has been published.

If more that 15000 copies of this CD are sold, a new album will be released in 2016, else the unit will disband and stop its activities.


Vanilla Beans signed under avex trax

Vanilla Beans (バニラビーンズ)The group Vanilla Beans announced to have signed a new contract under the popular recording label avex trax.

This announcement was made on August 29 while the oneman live at Shibuya clubasia in Tokyo. The original member, Rena, announced with great emotion that the idol group will make its major debut after 8 years of existence. She thanked her fans and promised to never give up while holding back tears.


Vanilla Beans in the TV program Shino × Vani

Vanilla Beans & Shinohara Tomoe - Shino × VaniSince April 3, the idol group Vanilla Beans (バニラビーンズ) co-host with Shinohara Tomoe (篠原ともえ) a new weekly TV program entitled Shino × Vani (シノ×バニ) on TV Asahi channel, at 4 p.m, every Friday.

The official website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel of the program Shino × Vani were opened if you want follow the girls.

The TV program is composed of several episodes lasting about ten of minutes. In this program, the girls present the latest trends of fashion and food. Vanilla Beans also wear their former costumes used for video clips and covers of their previous singles.


Idol Bakari Pizzicato – T-Palette Records × Konishi Yasuharu

Idol Bakari Pizzicato - T-Palette Records × Konishi YasuharuThe idol label T-Palette Records pays tribute to the shibuya-kei group Pizzicato Five with the compiling album entitled Idol Bakari Pizzicato -T-Palette Records × Konishi Yasuharu (アイドルばかりピチカート) which will be released on next April 22.

The idol groups of T-Palette Records perform the most popular songs of Pizzicato Five, a band from Hokkaido.

The groups are Vanilla BeansNegiccolyrical schoolOne Little Kiss and Idol Renaissance.