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Musubizm – Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XX

Musubizm - Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XXMusubizm will release their 3rd single Kimi ni Mu CHU♡XX (キミに夢CHU♡XX ; I’ll See You in my Dream) on June 26.

The singles’ songs are written and composed by SEIJ, combining the 80’s synthpop genre with the 2010’s bubblegum bass for a sound adapted to a idol group looking to connect and share the kawaii culture of Japan with the rest of the world.

The costumes worn by the members of Musubizm were designed by SIIILON clothing brand.


Musubizm – Mae wo Muke

Musubizm (むすびズム)Musubizm will release their 1st single Mae wo Muke (マエヲムケ!) on July 5th.

This long-awaited single marks the CD debut of the idol group.

Musubizm have just signed under Fujiyama Project Japan label.