Abunai Onnanoko Sisters – AOS


Abunai Onna no Ko Sisters - AOSAbunai Onnanoko Sisters‘ 1st album AOS – Online Ver. will be released on September 29.

This album contains 8 songs, including the first 2 singles of Abunai Onna no Ko Sisters titled You Jou Houseki Topaz (You情☆宝石トパーズ) and Magical Power (マジカルパワー).

Furthermore, their sister unit RynRyn Drop will also release their new album Top wo Neracchae on the same day.

Both idol groups hold regular live performances at Akiba on Stage in Akihabara in Tokyo.


  1. Dream Angel
  2. Magical Power (マジカルパワー)
  3. Over
  4. Actress
  5. Forward
  6. Sisters Mirage (シスターズミラージュ)
  7. Abunai Onna no Ko no Tame no Zensoukyoku Dai 1 Ban (危ない女の子のための前奏曲第1番) (Bonus Track)
  8. You Jou Houseki Topaz (You情☆宝石トパーズAlbum ver.) (Bonus Track)