Aso Natsuko – My Starlit Point


Aso Natsuko - My Starlit PointAso Natsuko’s new album My Starlit Point will be released on March 5.

This is the 3rd album from Aso Natsuko. 2 versions are available.

The CD contains 12 songs including her latest singles Lovely Girls Anthem, Fighting Growing Diary, Parade!, Never Ending Voyage, and MoonRise Romance.

The PV for My Starlit Point has been released.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring 2 MVs and 6 live clips.

Moreover, Aso Natsuko will give a live performance on April 6 in Tokyo.


  • CD
    1. My Starlit Point
    2. Merry-go-round
    3. Parade!
    4. Fighting Growing Diary
    5. Cross × Over Sensation
    6. Watashi Iro Clothes (私色クローズ)
    7. Lovely Girls Anthem
    8. MoonRise Romance
    9. Fuantei na Wakusei (不安定な惑星)
    10. Ice Nine
    11. You’re my Brightness
    12. Never Ending Voyage
  • DVD
    • Music Video
      1. MoonRise Romance
      2. Never Ending Voyage
    • Live Clip
      1. Programming for non-fiction
      2. Movement of Magic
      3. Sweet Sweet Sweets
      4. Precious Tone
      5. Parade!
      6. Never Ending Voyage

Music Video (PV)

Aso Natsuko (麻生夏子)