Bellring Girls Heart – BedHead


BellRing Shoujo Heart - BedHeadBellring Girls Heart‘s new album BedHead will be released on August 10.

This is the 1st album from Girls Heart, also known as Bellring Shoujo Heart.

Check out the MV for Circus & Renai Soudan (サーカス&恋愛相談).

The CD contains 15 songs in various styles. It includes some songs from the previous singles of the idol group Negative EP, Reversal EP, Tricera EP, and Spacetime EP.

Moreover, Bellring Girls Heart will participate in Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 on July 27-28.

  1. World World World
  2. The Edge of Goodbye
  3. D.S.P ~だいすぴッ~ (~Daisupi~)
  4. Bokura no Wednesday (ボクらのWednesday)
  5. Shout!!!
  6. Rice to Tuning (ライスとチューニング)
  7. Natsu no Accelerando (夏のアッチェレランド)
  8. Pleasure ~秘密の言葉~ (~Himitsu no Kotoba~)
  9. Circus & Renai Soudan (サーカス&恋愛相談)
  10. yOU Rari (yOUらり)
  11. BedHead
  12. Darling (ダーリン)
  13. Ice Cream (アイスクリーム)
  14. Teck Teck Walk
  15. Wide Mind

Music Video (PV)