BiS – Who Killed Idol?


BiS - Who Killed Idol?BiS will release the album Who Killed Idol? on March 5.

This is the last album from BiS as the idol group is going to disband this year.

Japanese artists such as Hisashi (Glay), Matsukuma Kenta (Scrambles), Tsuda Noriaki (Kemuri, The Redemption), Namba Akihiro (Hi-Standard, Namba69) and Ueda Takeshi (AA=) participated in Who Killed Idol?.

The MV for primal.2 has been released.

3 editions are available.

The CD contains 15 songs including their latest singles, Get You with Dorothy Little Happy, and a cover of Primal (プライマル。) from The Yellow Monkey.

The Type A edition includes a bonus DVD with the movie Idol Is Dead – Non-Chan no Propaganda Dai Sensou – (アイドル・イズ・デッド -ノンちゃんのプロパガンダ大戦争) starring BiS. It is available for a limited time until August 26, 2014.

The Type B comes with a bonus DVD with 12 music videos.

Furthermore, BiS’ latest single STUPiG is on sale since January 22.


  • CD
    1. primal.2
    2. DiE
    3. STUPiG
    4. no regret
    5. Magumato (マグマト)
    6. Get You w/ Dorothy Little Happy
    7. Mura-Mura
    8. MMGK
    9. BiSimulation
    10. Error
    11. nasty face
    12. Fly
    13. Hi
    14. Hide out cut
    15. Primal (プライマル。)
  • DVD (Type A)
    1. Idol Is Dead – Non-Chan no Propaganda Dai Sensou – (アイドル・イズ・デッド -ノンちゃんのプロパガンダ大戦争) Special Edition
  • DVD (Type B)
    1. ASH
    2. hitoribochi
    3. Get You w/ Dorothy Little Happy
    4. BiSimulation
    5. Hide out cut
    6. DiE
    7. Mura-Mura
    8. Fly
    9. Hi
    10. STUPiG
    11. Odd Future – Pour Lui ver.
    12. Odd Future – Hirano Nozimi ver.
    13. Odd Future – First Summer Uika ver.
    14. Odd Future – Tentenko ver.
    15. Odd Future – Kamiya Saki ver.
    16. Odd Future – Koshoji Megumi ver.
    17. primal.2

Music Video (PV)

BiS (Brand-new Idol Society)