Dianna Sweet – Spider Love


Dianna SweetDianna Sweet‘s new single Spider Love will be released on March 12.

This is the 2nd single from Dianna☆Sweet.

The MV and the teaser movie have been released.

It is a more adult and sexy song than the idol group’s previous release Hatsukoi Revolution (初恋Revolution).

3 editions are available.

The coupling song is different for each CD version.


  • Type A
    1. Spider Love
    2. Fight
    3. Spider Love (Instrumental)
    4. Fight (Instrumental)
  • Type B
    1. Spider Love
    2. Hug You! Hug Me!
    3. Spider Love (Instrumental)
    4. Hug You! Hug Me! (Instrumental)
  • Type C
    1. Spider Love
    2. Kimi wa Dare Oshi!? Hakujou Shi China! (キミは誰推し!?白状しチャイナ!)
    3. Spider Love (Instrumental)
    4. Kimi wa Dare Oshi!? Hakujou Shi China! (キミは誰推し!?白状しチャイナ!) (Instrumental)
  • Type A / B / C

Music Video (PV)

Dianna Sweet