Under Face – Wall Breaker


Under FaceUnder Face’s new single Wall Breaker will be released on December 20.

This is the 3rd single from Under Face. Only one edition is available.

It comes with a bonus DVD featuring live footage.

The music video has been released.

Under Face is a sub-unit of Smile Gakuen.


  • CD
    1. Wall Breaker
    2. Wall Breaker (Instrumental)
    3. Under Face Overture / Albedo 0.367.
    4. Wall Breaker Demo Version #1
    5. Wall Breaker Demo Version #2
    6. Perfect Lolita Demo Version
    7. Perfect Lolita Takai Mix
  • DVD
    1. Wall Breaker Stage Video Complete Version
    2. Wall Breaker Full Size Camera (Non-Edition)
    3. Under Face Live CF (Tick-Tock Clock)

Music Video (PV)