Fes☆tive – Omatsuri Hero


Fes☆tive - Omatsuri HeroFes☆tive‘s new single Omatsuri Hero (お祭りヒーロー) will be released on May 13.

It is the major debut single of Fes☆tive. Indeed, the idol group signed under the label Tokuma Japan Communications in early 2015.

The MV has been unveiled.

It is a cheerful song mixing energetic and traditional Japanese music.

The video was filmed at a shrine. The girls wear various costumes including yukata. They perform a dynamic and festive dance number.

The coupling songs haven’t been revealed yet.

Only one edition of the CD is available.


  1. Omatsuri Hero (お祭りヒーロー)
  2. ??
  3. ??

Music Video (PV)

Fes☆tive - Omatsuri Hero