Jewel Kiss – Jewel the Best


Jewel KissJewel Kiss will release their new album Jewel the Best on September 11.

This best-of album contains 10 songs, including Jewel Kiss’ latest singles Koi Suru Sniper (. 恋するスナイパー), Magic of Jewel, and Renge -Lovers Flower- (恋華 .Lovers Flower-).


  1. Koi Suru Sniper (. 恋するスナイパー)
  2. Miracle Hatsu Date (ミラクル☆初デート)
  3. Yoiu and I
  4. Magic of Jewel
  5. Spring With
  6. Renge -Lovers Flower- (恋華 .Lovers Flower-)
  7. Goodbye Mata Ashita (Goodbye また明日)
  8. Jikuu no Pagasus (時空のペガzサス)
  9. Night Crow
  10. Ready Steady Go!!

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  1. Trailblazer

    This album contains the songs from the first four Jewel Kiss indie singles. Track 8 is written as “PEGASUS OF TIME-SPACE” in English on the CD cover. (It’s not “Pagasus”.) I’m not sure where track 10 comes from. Maybe it’s previously unreleased. By the way, on your profile page for Jewel Kiss “personality” should have one n, not two.

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