Little Glee Monster – Over / Hikaru Kakera


Little Glee Monster released their new single on November 8th.

It’s entitled Over / Hikaru Kakera (OVER/ヒカルカケラ).

This is the 9th single of the idol group.

Check out the music videos.

The song OVER is used as theme song of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Lasers, back dancers and a ton of lights are flashing as Little Glee Monster sings to the rhythm.

The single is available in several editions.

The regular edition includes one CD only, the limited edition contains a different CD and a DVD (in which the video clip of Ashita e and its making of).

Another edition, especially for the anime, is also available. It contains a different CD.


  • Regular edition CD
  1. Hikaru Kakera (ヒカルカケラ)
  2. OVER
  3. My Best Friend -Live on 2017.09.18-
  4. OVER (instrumental)
  • Anime Edition CD
  1. OVER
  2. Hikaru Kakera (ヒカルカケラ)
  3. Dakara, Hitori Janai -Live on 2017.09.18-
  4. OVER (TV size)
  • Lmited edition CD
  1. OVER
  2. Hikaru Kakera (ヒカルカケラ)
  3. Houkago High Five -Live on 2017.09.18-
  4. Hikaru Kakera (instrumental)
  • Limited edition DVD
  1. Ashita e (Music Video)
  2. Ashita e (Jacket Making Of)

Clip Video (MV)

little glee monster over hikaru kakera