Nakagawa Shoko – Zoku Konton


Nakagawa ShokoNakagawa Shoko’s new single Zoku Konton (続 混沌) will be released on June 5.

It is fhe first single from Shokotan for almost a year and a half. Only one edition is available.

The CD contains 5 songs, including a live version of Kabukichou no Joou (歌舞伎町の女王) recorded at Nakano Sun Plaza.

It comes with a DVD featuring the music video and making-of footage.

The lyrics were written by Iwasato Yuho. The music was composed by Shiraishi Satori.


  • CD
    1. Zoku Konton (続 混沌)
    2. Raspberry Eclipse (紅恋毒蝕)
    3. Zoku Konton (続 混沌) (Instrumental)
    4. Raspberry Eclipse (紅恋毒蝕) (Instrumental)
    5. Kabukichou no Joou – 2011.12.20 Nakano Sun Plaza ver. (歌舞伎町の女王 -2011.12.20.中野サンプラザver)
  • DVD
    1. Zoku Konton (続 混沌) (Music Video)
    2. Zoku Konton (続 混沌) (Making of)

Music Video