Nakagawa Shoko – Nuigulumar Z


Nakagawa Shoko - Nuigulumar ZThe movie Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ) starring Nakagawa Shoko will be released on January 25 in theaters in Japan.

Shokotan plays the role of Ayukawa Yumeko, also known as Dameko, a girl dressed in lolita fashion who is a fighting against zombies with nunchakus and a pink teddy bear.

In addition, Nakagawa Shoko will release the theme song for the movie Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ) on January 22. The single includes 3 songs and their instrumental versions. Shokotan collaborated with the band Tokusatsu on this CD.

The film is based on the novel Housei Ningen Nuigulumar (縫製人間ヌイグルマー) by Ohtsuki Kenji. It is directed by Iguchi Noboru.


  1. Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ)
  2. Yuusei Haguruma Kikou (遊星歯車機構)
  3. Marilyn Marathon (マリリン・マラソン)
  4. Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ) (Instrumental)
  5. Yuusei Haguruma Kikou (遊星歯車機構) (Instrumental)
  6. Marilyn Marathon (マリリン・マラソン) (Instrumental)


Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ)

Nakagawa Shoko - Nuigulumar Z


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