Seno Sister


Seno Sister (せのしすたぁ)Seno Sister (せのしすたぁ) is Japanese idol group formed in September 2012.

It currently consists of 3 members.

The idol unit is based in Fukui prefecture.

Biography / History

Their music is produced by Seno Sound with a contemporary style and taste of 80’s songs.

Seno Sister (せのしすたぁ)Seno Sister released their 1st album I’m Sick !!! in October 2013.

Yuma announced her graduation in December 2013.

Yuuho left the idol group in April 2014.

Yutan and Mika joined Seno Sister as new members in April 2014.

The girls were elected as Fukui Prefecture representatives for Lawson’s Jimodol Festa (ジモドルフェスタ) campaign in 2014.

8 songs, including their digital singles Tonight and Jumping, are available for free download.

Mao, Yutan and Mika are also members of Ami~Gas.


  • Seno Sister (せのしすたぁ)
  • Years active : 2012 – present
  • Label : Idol Show Case
  • Agency : Creative Office Showcase


  • Mao (まお)
  • Yutan (ゆーたん)
  • Mika (みか)

Former Members

  • Yuma (ゆま)
  • Yuuho (ゆうほ)


Digital Singles

  • 2014 : Tonight
  • 2015 : Jumping


  • 10/10/2013 : I’m Sick!!!
  • 16/12/2014 : I’m Sick Too!!!