SKE48 – 6th Generation Auditions



SKE48 announced that 6th generation auditions will be held in October.

Applications have to be sent between August 15 and September 15. Auditions are open to young women aged 11 to 22 years old.

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  1. Nina Popovi-tchi

    Can I join SKE48 with 20 years.Now I have 11 years,and I can’t travel to Japan.I’m from Europe,country: Montenegro.Can I join SKE48 if i’m not from Asia?I know a litlle Japanese,I still learn Japanese.I was in dance school.Now I sing…I love so much Japan!!Especially Nagoya.The love for Japan was born out of my 9 year <3 I LOVE YOU SKE48 AND JAPAN

    Thanks & Greeting

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